Friday, February 5, 2010

JMO - The Super Bowl

I'm one of those millions if not a billion or two who will watch the Super Bowl. I've watched it for decades, even watching it live for all those highlight moments you see on the various sports and football networks. But what I don't watch anymore are three things, the pre-grame shows, the half-time show and the ads.

Sunday when the newspapers come out, I check to see when the kickoff is actually scheduled, plus or minus a minute or two. That's when I start watching. Everything else before is hype and not worth the time going over and over the seasons, the teams, the players, the stories, ad naseum. It now start at 8 am and never stops.

Pure gag material. After that I don't watch the ads, but that's more so this years as a boycott to CBS for their discrimination against LGBT people and pro-choice folks. The Focus on the Family ad, even though I've only seen snippets of it or stories about it but that's enough, is offensive.

It sends the wrong message to women who become pregnant, that faith and ignoring your doctors advice is ok. It's not ok. Women who have medical problems with their pregnancy should pay very close attention to their physician and consider their advice if an abortion is a life-saving measure to protect the life of the mother.

But more so, the story of one woman who's son became a famous college football player isn't universal and women should not use it for their own decision. It's about trusting women, and women trusting themselves. If you want to take risks with your pregnancies, that's your choice, but do so under a physician's care making the best decisions, and don't rely on some faith or the words of some TV ad.

After that I don't watch the half-time show. Yes, I missed the Janet Jackson incident. but I didn't miss anything important, besides if that's a memory you want to keep, you're need to get out more. And even if The Who are the band at the half-time show this year, I've already seen and heard them at their best. I won't miss anything.

So, that's it about the Super Bowl. I watch the game when it starts and stop when it ends, and nothing more. I use the mute button for the ads and wander into kitchen during the half-time show. So CBS and all those companies paying for expensive ads, I'm sorry, did I miss something?

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