Monday, May 16, 2011

Hands off FERS/CSRS

Dear Mr President, Vice President and Congress,

As any good Tea Partier would say, "Hands Off!", but this time, the federal employees pension program. Don't tinker with the employees benefits plans and don't raid the trust fund. You've already busted their ass by freezing salaries and retirement annunities through 2012 and probably beyond at some future time for political purposes and you raised their health insurance premiums probaby 5+% this year and equally so each year beyond.

And now you want to tap the cash-rich pension trust fund? No! Because we know from your experience with Social Security, you don't pay us back. You've drained the SS system of over $5 Trillion and you haven't and can't pay it back, leaving it vulnerable to political tinkering as every politician has said and wants to do, lower benefits because it's broke, or will be in 2-3 decades. Never mind it's not broke, it's because you stole money from it.

And now you want to endanger the only secure pension plan any employee in this country, the last bastion of stability and guarranteed promises to government worker and retireees? When states are arguing to reduce pension benefits because they've not paid in enough and lost value from the financial crisis they didn't cause, you want to do the same to us?

I worked 32 years for the government, 4 in the USAF which I paid into my CSRS account and 28 with the Department of Interior. I earned and deserve my pension. I earned and deserve my Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan health insurance. I earned and deserve the right, as all active and retired federal employees, to have a say in this matter. We're not political fodder. We're what made and makes the government work.

We don't want to be some time in the future where the SS system is now where you've drained it and now demand concessions for your arrogance to workers, and use it to reduce it if not eliminate it completely as some Republicans want to do. It's not fair. We didn't cause the financial crisis. We didn't cause the debt limit political gamemanship. We didn't do anything but work hard for the American people.

The government isn't Wal-Mart or some giant corporation who's pension and health benefit plans you can raid because it's convenient and because you're too stupid to resolve matter correctly than cheaply. The government isn't Wal-Mart to dump work with low wages and poor benefits and expect great things. The government isn't just jobs but careers, America and Americans.

If the Democrats go after the anti-government employee sentiment for votes and political purposes and goals, then the government employees have lost the last people who worked for them in Washington D.C. We lose that because you joined the Republicans, Tea Party and Libertarians against government employees, you lose the government. Do you not see that?

Do you not see if we don't trust you Democrats we won't believe in you for us. We won't trust you anymore. We will know where your alliegiance lies, politics for votes, not loyalty to the government, to the employees who work for Americans and America. Don't screw us for your political games and gains. We have memories. We have a voice. And, remember, we vote too.

Screw us and you will hear from us and pay a political price as you use us. Touch what we've earned and deserve and you will see what we can do in 2012 and beyond. You want to be a political Judas? Is it worth the price? The future? The retirees? The current and next generation of government employees? The government itself?

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  1. You don't understand, we need to cover more tax cuts for billionaires - the poor things. /sarcasm