Friday, May 13, 2011

An Oxymoron

Everyone knows politicians deny reality, stretch the truth, and inflate the importance of their own views, all for their ego, money and votes. And both sides think the other side, the other party's politicians, are the worst, but in truth, that's not realtiy or the truth, and in the light of the facts the GOP and the truth are an oxymoron.

Listening to the recent presidential candidates for the Republican party in 2012, they all have denied or lied about their past, not just their personal lives but their political lives. They've all done exactly the opposite of what they're standing for and selling us today. And they all are still telling lies.

It's not cherry picking facts to make a story, as we know the Bush-Cheney administration did to sell the Iraq war, but about outright lies and lying about the past. There isn't anything Newt Gingrich has said about his past as spearker and representative is true. The Washington Post has a good article checking the facts he told but were lies.

And we see Mitt Romney denying his support for Democratic issues and as governor not just approving the Massachusetts healthcare law mandating health insurance for all residents but promoting it as the right way. And now he's criticizing the new healthcare law modelled after his state progam. And he expects you to forget.

And we know Speaker Boehner lies about taxes. Letting the Bush tax cuts die and cutting the oil and energy tax cuts expire isn't adding "new" taxes, but simply repealing the law granting them years ago and reinstating them now. It's not new taxes but old taxes. Tax increases maybe but not adding new taxes as new is defined.

But then again with the GOP history books and dictionaries aren't in the reality. It's easier for them to invent history as they want and then sell it as the truth and reality when nothing could be farther from the truth, and peddling such ideas is lying. It's that simple.

Michelle Bachman has to be the best at it, and worse, she does it, invents facts and spouts lies, on the Senate floor. Senator Kyl did it over abortion and had to change the official record, but it's on video guy, you can't hide from that. Senator McConnell, the minority leader, isn't to be trusted as far as he walks away from the podium. He agrees with the Democrats and President Obama and the lies he did to make more demands.

It's called the moving goal posts. Keep moving the middle to the right and you get what you originally want. And then keep agreeing until it's time to propose legislation and then change your mind to make more demands to move the middel or else. That they do with lies and lying. Promise then renege.

So much for honesty too these days. The GOP left that along side the road January 21, 2009.

The GOP and the truth is an oxymoron, just listen to their words. It's all they know, inventing facting and lying about their past. Truth and reality is never in their world anymore as the more extreme they move to the right the more they have to invent facts and lie about their past to sustain their view.

If all of them were Pinocchio, not one would have a normal nose. Except they're real live Pinocchios and their noses are obvious in the face of the truth and reality. They've decided being blind is easier than being human.

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