Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Don't Care

I don't care to remember when, where or what I was doing when I heard that Osama bin Laden was killed. I don't care to remember how he died. I don't f..cking care! And all this hype about him, the Navy Seals Team, the memory of everyone when they heard is pure media bullshit. Nothing else.

There is nothing important about his death that should make us remember when, where we heard, what we thought and felt, and why we should be proud about it. I won't argue who he is, what he did and what he may have been involved with in future terrorists acts. It doesn't change anything in the lives of Americans outside of 9/11.

That's the truth to me. I remember when I heard John Kennedy was killed. I remember about the deaths of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. I remember the moon walk. And I remember 9/11. Those are events worth remembering.

The death of Osama bin Laden isn't even a whisper in a windstorm of our collective memory. We don't need to shout "USA" or stand up and cheer about his death. He was the leader of Al Qaeda who commited a terrorist act against the world in New York City and against the US in Washington DC and the farmland of Pennsylvania.

And nothing more to us. He was far worse to others, including Muslim, Arabs, women, and so on down the list. We're just one near the bottom of his anger, hate and rage. We don't need to immortalize him by remembering his death. We need to just forget him and focus on the future.

Disagree all you want, we're all entitled to have and to express our opinion. And mine is just that, mine, as is your opinion yours. Neither is better or worse, just different and our own. And I can say that I haven't watched any of the news about his death, nor care to.

I only read one article about his life which, to me, explained why he belongs to history and left there. And we shouldn't stand up to cheer ourselves for his death. We should deal with who's left after his death. They're the ones who will seek revenge. Let's not add to it by our in-their-face cheering about how great we think we are.

We're not. Our history is replete with our mistakes, our best intentions gone awry to come back and bite us big time. We didn't create Osama bin Laden, but we we certainly gave him reasons to hate us. We didn't help him, but we sure helped his cause with our actions. We didn't help him hide, but we certainly didn't capture him when we had the chances.

We didn't need to capture or kill him, but now we certainly did elevate him to martyr status and create a generation of terrorists who hates us more. That's not something to cheer. Not something to yell in their face. Not something to show the world our arrogance.

He's gone. Let's leave it at that.

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