Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Big Brother & Holding Co.

I was thinking about all the talk this year about Amy Winehouse and her life and death. And while I've listened to some of her songs and think she's a very good singer, especially with quite an attitude, I still can't put her above Janis Joplin as she sang and the band played on this album. And it's not just memory and not that I still like Janis and her albums, especially "Cheap Thrills."

The reason I think is in the style which to me makes the difference. Janis didn't come on stage to present an attitude or style in her singing like Amy Winehouse. Janis just sang her heart out, like on "Summertime" and "Ball and Chain", and I don't see Amy could have done that. Maybe in her own style, but not for the song, the pure song. I just don't see it with Amy.

I realize Amy had her style with some really good songs, but personally, I'll listen to this album anytime over Amy's. But then that's me, a child of the 60's and a lover of the San Francisco sound. Add a little help in the way of drugs, and it only got better (yes, been there done that).

Ah, old age and good times then, when young.

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