Thursday, December 22, 2011

USA Today Says it All

This from today's (12/22/11) political cartoon. Kinda' the way the Obama administration is going, talk human, civil and personal rights, liberties and protections while subversively doing the opposite. Obama is a fraud when it comes to promising to protect our rights while fighting terrorism.

The war isn't against the citizens, all of us, but the terrorists, and we don't need to be thought and treated as the enemy, but you continue to do that while talking freedom. It's a sham and a shame. But what choices do we have? What alternatives to you? The Republicans?

So why have you taken former President Bush's war against citizens and not only continued but increased it with laws, actions and arrests. We are not the enemy. So why do you treat us like we are your enemy? Isn't your job, being elected by us, to protect us? And the above law in the cartoon protect us?

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