Saturday, December 31, 2011

Really, Enough Already

This weekend (December 30th to January 1st) there are 15 bowl games in 3 days. Yes, just about half of them for the college football bowl game season. Where does it end? Ok, obviously after the BCS championship game, but that's the not question. Have you looked at the matchups for the games?

Why do we have teams with .500 records, and some worse, in bowl games? What did they do to deserve being in a bowl game. Why can't we simply just let only the teams which made the BCS final standing play to get good teams to watch? Why do we have teams which finished outside the top two or three in the league in bowl games, many with only one or two losses above .500.

The college bowl season is absurd, mostly because many of the teams don't deserve a post season bowl game, but really because it's about the money. Outside of the top BCS games, that drives the selection for the rest of the bowl games, and that's the reason the games are absurd. It's not about college footbal but money to the college.

And that is why I don't watch any bowl game. No bowl games are enough for me.

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