Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Adobe Dreamweaver

I use Adobe Dreamweaver as my main Web page developer and editor in several version, Creative Suite (CS) 5/5.5, 6 and CC (Creative Cloud). I don't recommend the CS 6 version as the user interface and windows were poorly designed for larger computer displays.

I would like to still use them but after upgading to OS-X 10.9 Mavericks and they still work but all three versions produce endless messages every few seconds in the Console window crowding out all the other message you need to look at sometimes with OS-X or applications.

Surprisingly the only Adobe Web design/editor application that works and doesn't produce more about a dozen messages is GoLive (version 9, the last version) which I've used for five-plus years now. It has the old-style user interface and windows, but it works and I'm familar with it.

So, until Adobe updates all the recent versions of Dreamweaver I'll use GoLive and the other Web editors I have an use, such as BBEdit, Coda, Espresso.

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