Friday, November 1, 2013

Dear Apple

Since Apple plans to seed an update for OS-X 10.9 Mavericks, here's what I want to see fixed.

First, the Menu Bar. Restore the control over the order the user opens them, so they are in the position  right to left as the app is open, just like OS-X 10.8.x, and not random as is now.

Second, fix the Safari bookmarks edit page so it's like OS-X 10.8.x which put all the major folder in a left column and the subfolder in the right section, and the position and folders are kept open when the user returns to the page from other pages.

Third, fix the menu bar apps which open and display from the menu bar only. These broke and don't work under Mavericks. Same deal, fix it like OS-X 10.8.x.

Fourth, fix the activity monitor to look at all HD's, again just like OS-X 10.8.x to show the same information about disk space.

Fifth, purge command. Fix the purge command where it's not a administrator password required command. This is stupid now.

Sixth, fix the memory issue. Mavericks supposedly uses memory better but it's a cpu memory hog. What operating system needs 2 GB's to boot? And what operating system just keeps eating memory just sitting there, like 100's of MB's for what?

This is why the purge command helps. I hate seeing the cpu just keep growing without recovering it when you close files or apps. If I close it, I don't need it, and reopening again doesn't take that long.

And lastly, but more importantly with iTunes, can you please restore the feature from iTunes 10 to keep the album artwork in active memory so I don't have to scroll through the list of albums routinely to restore them?

It is stupid to move them to inactive memory, now file cache, where the user has to keep rescrolling to display the artwork when they're already in memory. Just keep them in active memory where they're always visible.

Anyway, that's it for my suggestions, just restore things you removed. That's not rocket science since you had them and then removed them.

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