Thursday, October 31, 2013

Adobe & Mavericks

Be careful upgrading or updating Adobe apps under Mavericks. They may not install completely or correctly, telling you to uninstall previous versions, except uninstalling them may not work completely or correctly.

I went to upgrade to Adobe Drive 5, having both Adobe Drive CS5 and Adobe Drive 4 on the Mac. The installation shows the pathname to Adobe 4 than a new Adobe 5 folder, and then it bailed saying I had to uninstall Adobe Drive 4.

When I ran the uninstall Adobe Drive 4, it bailed saying I needed some other Adobe software or I could reboot and try again. Rebooting allowed me to uninstall Adobe Drive 4 but installing Adobe Drive 5 bailed with an incomplete installation in the Adobe 4 Drive folder.

But the real problem came during the installation it hung my Finder window and Finder app. I had to a force quit of finder but then just rebooted to recover the system. I'm not sure if Adobe has fully tested all their apps with Mavericks, and especially the installation.

I suspect the individual apps in Creative Suite are fine, it's the system access ones which may has issues or problems with Mavericks, so be careful and to Adobe, please fix it.

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