Friday, October 25, 2013

More Notes on Mavericks

A quick note to remind folks, the installation of OS-X Mavericks doesn't include Java, from Apple and removes Oracle's Java from your system. You have to reinstall Apple's Java to be current again and then install Oracle's Java, in that order, so Oracles runs your Java applications, eg. Safari, etc.

I know many people hate Java and don't recommend having it, especially with Safari, but some Websites use them for interacting or presenting real-time streaming, and I haven't had any issues with Oracle's version since it's always newer and updated more frequently than Apple's version.

On another note I restarted Time Machine, which I turned off under Mountain Lion because every few days the backup went nuts and ran for 4-8 hours for no reason, eating tons of memory on the TC which it then had to erase to add new backups when it got full. I stopped it and erased the disk.

Under the new memory allocation, the Time Machine runs faster and finishes sooner, taking just over 9 hours for a complete backup it previously took 16+ hours, but still taking the normal 3-5 minutes for the hourly backups. So far, it hasn't run amuck, yet.

What's interesting is that the faster backup eats memory. I shutdown everything for it and during the process, it literally used 13+ GB's pushing the cpu to the maximum 16 GB and compressing files to accommodate it. It didn't fully recover the inactive memory after it was done, leaving 9+ GB of files in the cache. A bug, maybe.

I still have about half my menu bar apps broken and a few major apps broken, eg. Fidelia (audio player) or with issues or problems. I'm not sure who's at fault since Apple released Mavericks to developers months ago to have updates available when it was released.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'll add more as I find it.

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