Saturday, October 26, 2013

Intego Backup Manager Pro

I run Intego's Backup Manager Pro to 3 external HD's along with Apple's Time Machine backup. It's been a good backup application doing 4 backups overnight, specifically a HD clone, a HD user folder sync, and backups of the 3 other internal HD's.

Well, the application broke with Mavericks for two reasons. First, as noted, I didn't set the App Nap to disable Apple app nap program for the application and it stalled and then hung. Then after setting it to "Prevent App Nap" it ran amuck using all 13+ GB's before stalling and hanging.

The folks at Intego said to uninstall and reinstall it from the CD (the uninstall on the CD), except the install was a download and Intego doesn't have the uninstall on their Website anymore, if they even had it. So it was off to the Internet via Google.

I save all of my old .dmg install files so I have an old copy of the software to install but I don't have the uninstall, but here's what I found and tried.

First, using the terminal window, go to the directory using the command

cd /Library/StartupItems/'Intego Backup Manager Pro'

Doing a list of the directory you'll find a file

Now run the shell as root, using the command

sudo sh

Enter the root password and wait.

Then reinstall the application from a .dmg file you have and it should work right again with all your scheduled backup setups. You can test it by running them.

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