Wednesday, October 23, 2013

OS-X Mavericks

Update.-- I added some notes to the next post on Mavericks about memory.

Well, I updated the Mac Pro to OS-X 10.9, Mavericks, in part to see if Apple fixed some problems and get away from some things I didn't like with Mountain Lion. Well, it's the old adage about the grass and the other side of the fence. And the verdict?

It's worthwhile if you don't like Mountain Lion, but Mavericks has some new issues I like and don't like, mostly what small things I find annoying which I liked with Mountain Lion and don't like with Mavericks.

For one, they supposedly changed how inactive memory with the purge command is handled, eliminating the need to clean it out, but after installing a lot of updates through the App store, it was useful to do, except now you need to be system administrator and enter your password than just the command. Stupid.

Next, it eats memory, especially just sitting there. It doesn't seem to release memory of apps you close, maybe just in case you want them again, maybe. Not! It seems to be a continuation of Mountain Lion with this hidden memory, or at least I can't find.

Safari. Well, it's just more of what there was but they changed the bookmarks. I liked the old version of them with the folder column and the subfolder column. That's gone or I can't find how to recreate it. The old version was easier to move bookmarks. The new version sucks.

And it doesn't remember where you keep the colum divider. I like the finder column view for bookmarks this doesn't have now. And you can't hide the top sites link on the favorites bar. I don't want and don't need it, but I can't find how or where to hide or remove it.

It sometimes seems Apple doesn't think much of users to give them control over the apps for simple things. Stupid again. Looks like a good bookmark editor is in order. Any takers Apple?

Ok, mail. Same as the old mail except one big thing. The command i to open the remote mailboxes is gone, or again, it's not obvious anymore, meaning you have to go to those Websites individually to remove the mail in the remote boxes.

This is what the command i did, open those boxes, but apparently Apple redesigned it for some reason to remove a simple thing into nothing or hidden. Beats me now but this really sucks big time on their part.

Well, iTunes seems the same interface and operation, and it still does not load all the album artwork and keep it in active memory when you open iTunes. This was the default in iTunes 10 which was dropped in iTunes 11 for better memory usage, but they didn't give the user the choice if their computer had the memory. What's the word? Stupid.

Well, there's always something. Apparently there's no consistent positioning on apps which use the menu bar, or if there is, it's not obvious. With Mountain Lion, the new one was always on the left of the last one. With Mavericks, it's hit and miss where it's at.

I'm not sure who was the person(s) who screwed this up but this is really stupid as the apps just position themselves anywhere. In addition many are bailing out with error messages about obsolete libraries. So I have to wait for updates for them but please Apple fix the menu bar location problem.

That's it for now. So far it's the same stuff, Apple acting like Microsoft to dummy down things and not trust users with their own computer.

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