Wednesday, October 23, 2013

OS-X Mavericks II

After playing with OS-X 10.9 Mavericks, I would say in a word if you're thinking of upgrading to it:


What they did was screw up some of the menu bar apps which don't run, but more so the apps won't start in the right position (right to left in order of opening). It eats memory like it's at a free byte buffet (inactive memory is now file cache in the Activity Monitor). It screwed up the Safari bookmarks editing tools and can't hide top sites. And it screwed up mail (no window to remote mail servers).

There's more but I haven't found them yet. And while all the people tout the new tools and features, Apple screwed up the basic useful ones along with some really dumb shit moves (like the menu bar).

They redid memory use, removing some memory when you close things, like tabs in Safari, but eats memory just on rebooting (like over 1 GB) and seems to eat memory just sitting along with reserving memory for closed apps. Each upgrade and update seems to need more memory for doing nothing but rebooting, let alone actually opening apps.

[Update the next morning the file cache was 2.8 GB with no major app open except Safari and the small ones on the menu bar. After the purge command, which now takes the administrator password to run, reduced it to 150 MB, but then using Safari tabs, went to 900 MB.

I can't think who thought this was a great idea, but if you're like me and end up using 12+ GB for apps when working, the file cache will be the restricting factor on the system performance. I will test this this week/weekend, but I don't see it's a good way to run a computer.]

So, don't upgrade until they resolve some of these bugs and the third-party applications companies get their upgrades out to the App Store where most of them are available, provided they don't charge for the upgrade.

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