Tuesday, November 26, 2013

OS-X Mavericks

I know there is a lot of good things to say about the new OS-X 10.9 Mavericks, and many computer geeks rave about how it handles cpu memory better than previous OS-X versions, which in part is true since those versions were notorious for just accumulating unused memory from closed apps you couldn't recover without rebooting.

But I have to add Mavericks is worse for cpu memory and unused applications. While I agree if cpu memory isn't an availability problem, meaning lots of it, and you open, close and reopen applications or files, then it's ok as you won't notice anything wrong and files and apps reopen quicker, if that's important.

The problem occurs when you use a lot of applications, often opening and closing them without regard or interest to reuse them, then you will find the app memory just keeps growing like previous OS-X verisions, and then it will begin compressing the memory for more uses.

This means you have unused and unncessary compressed and uncompressed memory sitting there wasting space. The same applies to files you open and close never to use again, but that memory can be reclaimed with the purge command.

App memory can't be reclaimed and won't be reclaimed until OS-X does some maintenance to remove this memory, maybe. What this means is that OS-X Mavericks will use, or really eat, 1-2 GBbytes under just normal use and 2-3 times opening and closing a few large applications.

And eventually you will have to reboot just to reclaim the cpu memory again, but even then you're back to the same issue of Mavericks eats memory. Rebooting alone uses 3 GB where OS-X 10.7 or 10.8 only used 2 GB and that was recoverable with the purge command. Under Mavericks, much of the memory isn't recoverable.

So, the point here is that while some like it for this feature, I don't even though it's not a real issue most of the time on my Mac Pro. With 16 GB, there was lots of cpu memory available before, but under Mavericks, there isn't after working with Abode Creative Suite applications along with other applications, where I'm back to normal working mode to find I'm over 8 GB just sitting there with 4-5 GB of it closed applications I won't use again.

And that sucks waiting if the maintenance clears it or I reboot to recover it.

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