Sunday, August 3, 2014


I have a Mac Pro running OS-X 10.9.4 and an iPhone 5s and iPad Air, both running IOS 7.1.2. I use Datacolor's Spyder Gallery apps on the Mac and iDevices to color calibrate them. The process works that you connect the Spyder 3 or 4 tool to the Mac via the USB connection and the color tool on the iDevice.

The app on the Mac then uses bluetooth to communicate with the iPhone or iPad to send and receive information between the device and Mac. This means you have to start Bluetooth on the device and connect to Bluetooth on the Mac.

I do this monthly along with the color calibration of the Mac's monitor, and up through last month the process was flawless. Then updated the Mac to 10.9.4 and the devices to IOS 7.1.2, after which the bluetooth doesn't work anymore between either device and the Mac.

The iPhone or iPad will connect with the code for a second and then returns the message, "Mac not supported" on this device. And as often happens folks on the Apple forum either blame me, aka. the user, for doing something wrong, or ask stupid questions like what I'm trying to do and offer other ways to do it.

Except the Spyder apps use Bluetooth, so there is no work around or other way of doing it. And blaming the user is just computer geeks way of refusing to confess they don't have a clue what to do and don't want to admit that.

And not long after that, others voiced the same problem, so it's not me, it's one of the OS-X or IOS updates which causes Bluetooth not to work with each other. And as usual, sending the bug report to Apple is like sending down the rabbit hole, gone and lost forever.

I suspect it's IOS 7.1.2 since the Mac discovers the iPhone or iPad, sends the code to pair and connects, but the the device drops the connection as "Mac not supported" message which often strikes me that this is typical of Apple's testing process where they don't test or see problems.

So here I sit. Can't go back and there's nothing forward. Both devices have been color calibrated (June) so it's not critical but it is important later when it's clear there is a problem with IOS 7.1.2 or OS-X 10.9.4 for Bluetooth.

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