Saturday, August 2, 2014

Defending oneself

The leaders of Israel say they have a right to defend themselves against the agressive attacks by the Hamas rockets. Yet, Israel's "Iron Dome" missile defense system is so successful, only a few percent of the unguided rockets actually land, and fewer do any damage, let alone injure or kill anyone.

All the while Israel subjects the people of Gaza to missile and bombs from warplanes and missiles from helicopters because Hamas has no air defense system, from Artillery and rockets because Hamas has no counter force against them, and from the incursion of forces into Gaza itself.

Where does is say taking such an agreesive offense, supposedly targeted at Hamas but often destroying propery and killing and injuring innoncent Palestinians, is defending yourself?

If Israel's air defense system, partailly funded and supported by the US, works, what more do they need to do to defend themselves? Why not show restraint and make Hamas look the enemy it is and not the Palestinian people? 

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