Saturday, August 2, 2014

OS-X and Bluetooth

This is a critical thing if you are running OS-X 10.9.4. If you are using bluetooth devices, such as the mouse, keyboard and trackpad, and have a wired device plugged into the Mac as well, you can accidently turn bluetooth off without the system giving you the warning message and the second chance.

The bluetooth setup in OS-X is supposed to warn you that turning off bluetooth will disable the input devices in the list with the setup, and then give you a second chance to turn bluetooth off or not. But if you have a wired input devices, like a tablet, it won't show you either and just turn bluetooth off losing the connections to those devices.

In addition if you have the preferences to detect missing keyboard and/or mouse to open the bluetooth window if you reboot, the system will not do that if you have the wired device plugged into the Mac. I learned this recently by accident.

This is really stupid on Apple's part since it knows which devices are bluetooth and which are wired, and should know to detect a mouse or keyboard which is not connected when you reboot. The wired device, which the system know what it is, eg. tablet, should not interfer with the bluetooth devices, preferences or operation.

But it does! 
Do not turn Bluetooth off
if you have a wired device to your Mac!

If you do, you may be screwed until you connect a wired mouse into the Mac to reboot and restart bluetooth or hope the wired device can serve like a mouse, as some tablets can in an emergency, which I learned too.

When I reported this on the Apple forum, the responses were less than positive and the typical IT geek response it's not the system and to blame the user, until one tested it and discovered it really is a bug in OS-X 10.9.4.

It's why I rarely post to the Apple forum, it only gets you ridiculed for being stupid. We're all human but IT geeks forget they're humans first, and geeks second. Their view is that their mistakes are professional, user mistakes are stupid. And they wonder why we hate them.

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