Saturday, September 27, 2014


Do not take anti-biotics unless they're absolutely necessary and always understand the side effects of any anti-biotics you take, and above all else, stop taking them if you have adverse side effects as they may cause prolonged problems long after you take them.

I know this from having to take penicillin from age 3 to 18 and then amoxicillin for most of my life for dental visits, sore throats, etc. Recently I had to take it for 10 days for an infection which didn't completely go away after a week off the amoxicillin, so they switched to ofloxacin, which I have never taken before, and in a day it totally wrecked my digestive system, which a week later still isn't back to normal.

If you don't know amoxicillin is a universal anti-biotic, it kills all the bacteria in your body, including all the necessary flora in your digestive system, meaning it leaves the digestive system almost void of the necessary flora it needs to function and your body has to re-establish the flora over time, usually a few days to up to a week.

This means the longer you take amoxicillin, the longer you may have digestive problems and the longer it takes the system to recover. And then taking a stronger universal anti-biotic is one step stronger and worse, as I discovered. 

I stopped taking the drug the second day and the infection has gone away but the problems from the drug will remain for awhile longer after a week now. Lesson learned and remembered. Don't trust what they prescribe because the doctors say so. Ask questions, get information and be aware of what it does to your body if/when you take it.

And don't take it if you want and ask for an alternative drug, and stop taking it if you do use it and experience adverse side effects and ask for an alternative drug.

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