Sunday, September 14, 2014

How Many

How many hundreds of Billions (with a big B) of dollars did we invest in buidling the Iraqi Army and supply them with some of the latest vehicles, tanks, weapons, etc. to discover when they outmanned the miltant group ISIS 10 to 1 they didn't fight and in fact dropped their weapons and fled, leaving all their weapons behind?

The ISIS Army overwhelmed Iraqi forces and secured Iraqi weapons depots and bases with little or no fight. In short, we have supplied the ISIS army with some of their weapons they're now fighting against the Kurdish forces and killing innoncent civilians.

And now the Iraqi government wants more help from us for training (like 7+ years of promised capability by two Presidents doesn't count), weapons, vehicles, tanks, aircraft, etc. They want what they squandered and lost, and we're expected to oblige them again? Really? When does enough become enough to tell them to stand up for their own country and fight for it?

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