Monday, September 29, 2014


Gotta love Comcast when they have a whole array of channel for a network, like Encore, but then every channel doesn't show anything but the little box, "This channel should be available shortly", for the whole afternoon for days, even weeks on end. And then freezes your cable box from switching channels because it's locked on a channel that isn't available.

Yeah, that's Comcast for you, lots of channels, but not always available. If there was real competition for cable networks in the area besides the satellite systems, I would switch to say goodbye to Comcast. They charge too much and force you into bundles of channels for just one or a few you want.

I still haven't resolved the problems of the digital audio output which isn't standard and won't convert to analog, which I discovered is due to the different companies Comcast gets their cable boxes. Some brands and models don't comply with audio standards and the technicians can only offer another of the same brand and model which doesn't work.

And we're supposed think they're worth the service for the money.

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