Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Adobe CC 2015

If you updated your Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) applications to the 2015 versions, you will notice that the installation removes all previous versions of all CC application (CC and CC 2014/2014.1). This is in the installation instruction as the default you can't change or not install CC 2015.

In short Adobe decided to remove all your previous versions for you. The (legal) questions is if they can since you lease the CC applications, or if they can't because they're removing application you paid for which are resident on your computer.

To me, it's a no-brainer, Adobe sucks with this decision. I leased the older version and will continue to use them despite having CC 2015 installed. I use the last 4-5 versions of Dreamweaver for different sets of Web pages so I don't have to keep closing and reopening them. I can simply open and start working.

I also use the last 3-4 versions of Photoshop for the same reason, different single or sets of images where it's easier to manage my workflow. And like Dreamweaver, Photoshop's user interface is very similar between CC versions, although slightly different between CS5/5.6 and CS 6 versions, so they're easy to use.

That said, if you did install CC 2015, you can use any backups, eg. Time Machine to go back and retrieve and reinstall the older versions. Since Adobe's applications are all independent, stand-alone applications, there is no conflict having multiple versions in the applications folder and simultaneously open.

Anyway, that's the update here. I suspect this will be a future policy and practice of Adobe, so watch your updates and check to ensure you have backups of the older versions of CC applications you want to reinstall them after the update.

And yes, even though I like Adobe applications, this company policy sucks.

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