Tuesday, June 30, 2015

OS-X 10.10.4 Update

A quick note after updating to OS-X 10.10.4. Nothing obviously dumb or stupid on Apple's part, and nothing obviously wrong that I saw in a quick walk through. I have only one suggestion with the update.

After you install it and sign in, after a few minutes, reboot. Then after rebooting, do some of the initial things you ordinarily do when you start up in OS-X, eg. open browser(s) mail, iTunes, apps, etc. Then quit everything and reboot again, and after a minute or so, clear the file cache.

I suggest this because it's my experience that it's the 3rd reboot that stablizes the initial state with the minimum CPU and file cache usage, and it's then the Mac has completed anything extra they put in OS-X and it's working and will work normally.

Just a suggestion, but it's what I've found works for me.  I also run the purge command to reset the file cache once it has stablized. That said, here's some new things I found today after playing with some of the apps.

First, it's not a CPU memory hog but it's more CPU consumptive than previous versions. Just after a few hours and going through other updates and all, the memory usages jump to 2.5 GBytes without iTunes or other big apps open and file cache equally jumps from backups and other apps.

The CPU usage is from the kernal task, software update, submit diagnostic information and installed dameons from the intial state of about 1.5 GBytes after rebooting. And it just keep growing after that, so have a lot of memory available for apps and file cache.

On a good note iTunes is better. They finally get all the album artwork into active memory and shared images between mymusic and playlist (different size album artwork before that loaded separately and moved to file cache after a short time). It's there now and easy to see.

I don't share or backup my music with Apple, so if you want to change that user options for both IOS and OS-X, just go into preferences (iTunes on Mac's and Music on IOS devices) and turn off Apple music (sharing).

I don't backup my music with Apple's iCloud. What I have in iTunes are vinyl (some from the 1960's not in Apple Music), CD's and purchased from iTunes store. I control all my music through my iTunes libary for the Mac and the iPhone and iPad.

I also don't want Apple music streaming (above way to disable) anywhere. I don't plan to listen through Apple's Music service, and yes, I don't subscribe to Pandora, Spotify, or other music streaming service. If I want music, I have my library.

A small quirk in iTunes they changed. When updating apps, it doesn't show you the progress bar for  downloading individual apps. You have to use the download icon in the upper right corner which shows a dropdown box with the download and installation. This isn't obvious (yeah, took me day to notice it).

What else I noticed is the spinning rainbow wheel is more often for small things, which I assume is due to things in OS-X because it's dumb to wait while the Apple or other apps just sit there with the spinning rainbow wheel.

Ok, other stuff? Still working there. Some apps stopped working, eg. Adobe's CC desktop and menu bar apps (just spinning wheel), and it was due to their servers not allowing people to access and log in. After waiting a day and logging in before starting the Adobe CC manager, it worked.

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