Saturday, July 4, 2015

iTunes & Music

When I updated IOS and OS-X to 8.4 and 10.4, respectively, I turned off Apple Music streaming and library services, iCloud music backup (has been off all along) and iTunes Match for my music library, and now I'm more satisfied it was and will be the right decision not to subscribe to the service.

This if from an article on Apple Insider which describes how the trio of functions work, the cost, and the pros and cons of the services. Clearly if you share your music with Apple, including whatever albums and songs you have and they don't, which they copy, you lose if and when you drop their service.

The last thing anyone needs is to have to reimport all the music you didn't buy from iTunes should you lose the music - meaning Apple accidently or intentionally deletes from your backup - because Apple inserted DRM protections in the songs you had they didn't have but now have because you gave them the files.

Anyway, that's my view, Apple will never see my subscription to their music streaming, library, or backup services. I don't trust them and don't want to pay (again) for my own music. I don't stream music from services when I can listen to almost everything I want in my library or from on-line sources.

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