Friday, July 17, 2015


As long as I've been a Seattle Mariner fan and as much as I want to watch and support the team, it's hard when after losing 7 straight games in early June, they've played just .500 baseball. You can't be in the playoffs with that record.

You can't get out of the fight for last place in the Western Division of the American League with that record. You're fighting to stay out of last place ahead of Oakland. You have to play better, but more so you have to win games, as some of you have said the team is capable of winning, even a 10 game streak.

How about it Mariners? You want fans to support you? Then win. Otherwise, the table setting is out on the table with the fans ready to pickup the forks. You don't have much time or games now to get above .500 and be in the chase for the Wildcard game and even the lead in the Western Division.

So, what's it going to be? Playing like last year and get in the playoffs or just another losing season we've all come to know?

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