Saturday, July 4, 2015

Any Ideas II

In March I wrote about tissue masses I have been expelling which I updated to say the lab would only identify them as aggregate bacteria, and when in March the unidentifiable bacteria, whatever it is since it's not a known bacteria infection or overgrowth (negative test results), took over my digestive system.

Well this spring the gastroenterologist has been going through the standard litany of test, commonly know as going down the list from the obvious to the less obvious, and we're out of tests save one which he didn't do recently for medical reasons. Yes, it would be the third colonoscopy in ten years.

Anyway, as anyone knows who had a colonoscopy there's a digestive system cleansing preparation which thoroughly clears and cleans your digestive tract. He didn't do the proceedure, only the upper GI tract endoscope which baffles me why but found some problems there I've lived with most of my life.

Anyway, this not so small (that's a standard tongue depresser to judge the size of it) bacteria mass came out a day along with smaller ones after one of those March pill-like masses came out the day before the day after the non-proceedure, meaning the preparation loosened and exited these little masses.

A week later the system exited a larger one (about 50% larger), and it turns out this is the source of the problem I've been having since November of last year, and especially since January. I know this because of the sudden changes to the body (a big, "Whew!") and everything is normal again.

The tentacles on the top appear to be where it's attached to the lining of my colon, but where it is in the colon is the question. A colonoscopy would have found it, but wasn't performed, yet anyway as they still want to do it but with a different preparation.

If a lab can't or won't identify what specific type (of the millions which live in your digestive tract or invades it as a alien or abnormal bacteria), then they can't prescribe a treatment for specific antibiotics, since specific ones are for specific bacteria and univeral ones destroy all bacteria.

So I'm left with the obvious one gastroenterologist (not the one I have now) said, "Patient heal thyself." I haven't decided when to have the colonoscopy but they want it soon or forget about it, and that's the conundrum.

The preparation isn't the easiest thing to live through for 2 days and then the proceedure itself. I've tentatively agreed to it but not yet. I want them to determine what these masses are (save one for lab analysis) beyond the normal "unidentifiable bacteria" mass, which I also know won't happen.

So I'm waiting to see if the body heals itself or gets worse again. Any ideas or suggestions appreciated.

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