Saturday, July 25, 2015

Car Toys III

Update (7/27).-- Well, the problem with the radio and the van is the radio and the van. An explanation please.

The radio has a removeable face plate, but it’s a constant drain on the battery even with the radio turned off. The tech showed me both the constant and on/off power to the radio are from the backup battery with no wires from the radio to the ignition or fuse box.

The problem is if you turn the ignition off before you turn the radio off, it doesn’t trip the relay to switch to the backup battery meaning the primary battery is still supplying power to everything, including the radio. With the radio off you can turn off the ignition and trip the relay to switch to the backup battery, and then turn the radio back on because it’s now on the backup battery.

The real solution is remove the face plate which shuts the radio off except the minimum power for the clock. No face plate, no drain. So that’s the method now, always turn the radio off first, then the ignition, and if the van is going to sit for a few days, remove the face plate. No face plate, no drain on either battery. It’s simple to put on or take off.

The problem is the VW's twin battery system is not made for new radios.

Original Post.-- The primary battery has died twice since the VW service guy removed the fuse, supposedly solving hte problem. It didn't, and twice I've had to jumper the twin batteries to start the van and leave it running or drive around awhile to recharge the primary battery.

I finally stopped by Car Toys to schedule the work to remove the wire harnes between the radio, ignition and primary battery. The work is scheduled for Monday afternoon. I'll keep you posted on the work, but so far the representative at Car Toys understands the problem and the necessary work.

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