Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Fork Please

The Mariners chance of anything this season are done. Their closer, not Rodney but Smith, just blew a 2-1 lead into a 3-2 loss to the Minnesota Twins, who have lost 5 of their last 6 home games, leaving Smith with a 1-5 record.

Rodney can't close games, and neither can Smith. And there's no one is left to be their closer. They simply find ways to lose ball games, having a .500 in early June to 11 games under .500 tonight with just 57 games left in the season.

To get back to .500, they'll have to win 34 of the 57 games left in the season, losing just 23 games, and tonight shows they can't even do that, win games they're leading in the 9th inning. All they're doing now is playing to avoid being worse than Oakland in the western division.

In short, they're done and management has some hard decisions to make starting with the manager and the coaching staff, and then looking at a number of players who haven't played their career average. They had a winning team on paper but we see a losing one on the field.

It's time to rebuild, starting with the GM. He's been there for the whole time of their losing seasons bringing in players at the end of their career who don't play up to their career. It's time the Mariners look at how Kansas City, Houston, etc. built winners, to build a new team around core players.

And for that the owners need to start at the top and work down. Change is obvious, the question is if the owners see it in themselves to do it. Fans have had enough of this GM, manager, coaches, etc. Fans want a winning team, not this one.

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