Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sorry no

I've only been kinda' watching and reading the newstories about the activist group #blacklivesmatter, and it's clear to me, they're not succeeding except at raising noise and making themselves the enemy. I don't doubt their goals, motives and passion for the issue and agree with much of what they're trying to accomplish, but I don't agree with their tactics.

What I've seen is activists aggressively distrurpt the events of two male democratic candidates, Martin O'Malley and Bernier Sanders, forcing the latter to leave the stage after refusing to concede the podium and let him speak. But when they were refused the stage for an event by Hillary Clinton they spoke politely with her after she agreed to speak with them.

This was a WTF moment for me. They attack men but not women? Or did the Clinton campaign staff catch on to them and control access to the stage so they couldn't distrupt Ms. Clinton? But then they said they didn't get honest answers from her with direct questions.

Really? A politician won't give a direct answer to their questions. Are they naive or what? They're obviously not naive, but then they used her political answers to attack, like they expected her to tell them what they wanted to hear.

They promise to attack republicans candidates, or so they say they've planned. Really? Like the republicans staff and security are going to let them near any republican candidate to take the stage and demand the audience listen to them rants against white people, at almost all white republican events?

Do you think any security of a republican candidate is going to let black activists into an event where they can disrupt the event? And even if they can get in and try, how far do you think they'll get when security removes them from the stage. Do they expect to be treated with dignity?

All of what I've seen and read only shows me they don't care about other lives, just black lives, and they don't care we may care about other lives in part of the whole country which black lives are just one part of all of us. We care, just not solely on black lives, but all lives.

And that's where I part company with them on the issue of lives. Why not talk about black communities, unemployment, social programs, or the lack of them, guns and violence, and the whole array of issues effecting black lives, and all the rest of the country?

And that's also where I stopped paying attention. If you want my support, don't get in people's face and demand we follow what you tell us. You're not in charge, you're not directing our lives, you're not helping us, so we have a right to say, "Yes, we care, but not we don't about your tactics."

All #blacklivesmatter seems to be doing is turning off the very people they need to help them, those liberal white people they called racists. That's not winning our hearts and minds, but the opposite, it's losing what matters to your cause the most, us.

We're not against you, we're just not for what you're doing for attention. We're not against your cause, we're for it, but in perspective of the larger conversation about answers and solutions, not singularly focused on just black lives like you are and want us. We're not enemy, so stop treating us like we are.

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