Sunday, August 9, 2015

Bernie Sanders

The two (black) women activists representing the #blacklivesmatter group who interrupted Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders when he was about to begin his speech in Seattle Saturday (Aug. 9th) were rude and I will say racists.

They called the predominately white crowd, "white supremacists liberals", without the notion or thought that similar words of their race could equally apply to them to deny the right of whites to be liberal, progressive or other political views with concerns and interests, including but not exclusive, of interests beyond the black lives matter movement.

Like the economy, jobs, healthcare and health insurance, college debt, and the many financial, social and economic issues facing everyone from local to global. There are far more problems to make just one of them the only matter.

And to interrupt Bernie Sanders was rude to only hurt their cause in the hearts and minds of others. We've all grieved about what happened in Ferguson, Missouri. We've all grieved about what has happened to the lives of young, unarmed black men killed by police.

But what about all the other young people, even children, who are victims of violence, from guns to physical abuse at the hands of family and their friends. Don't their lives matter? Don't their circumstances matter? Don't they count?

Sorry, the world is bigger than Ferguson, especially here in Seattle. And people wanted to hear Bernie Sanders, not two black activists cramming hatred in our ears, demanding we obey them out of fear of being labelled against them.

They only reinforced the view of what many people see and know about some black activists. You're no better than any race or ethnic group spouting hate in the name of a cause. And you wonder why we don't listen and many have turned off their hearing to your words.

We're not supremacists by any stretch of the word, but you don't want to have a discussion about that do you? You just want to yell and demand, and then cry racist when we walk away. Maybe you should look in the mirror with you call someone that.

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