Sunday, July 19, 2015

Accepting Reality

After reading the newstories about the subversive attack interview of a Planned Parenthood of America (PPA) administrator about fetuses and the use of fetal tissue by researchers, and especially today's column by Kathleen Parker, which seems to try to balance the two sides and fails, I was struck with the obvious.

The obvious is that abortion are a part of the choices women have with their reproductive healthcare. Despite all the recently enacted laws restricting access to abortions, which are decreasing not surprisingly as the reproductive information and contraceptives are increasing, does not change the reality of the choice to have an abortion. It only changes the costs and logistics.

But what has angered me the most is the tone people have taken about the video and the fact the adminstrator was lied to and ambushed while doing what she has done more than enough times, have a straight-forward talk about fetal tissue, where and how it comes from and where and how it's handled.

I hate that so few people seem outraged by the lies and ambush by the anti-abortion group who met with the administrator and lied to her about their interests for the purposes of recording it and then make it public with a lies about what was discussed but wasn't (watch the video).

The administrator didn't lie, the interviewers lied and then the group lied. Where's the anger about them? The truth is PPA has been doing this work within the laws for decades. They haven't done anything wrong. They haven't lied about it. And they helped many women with the choices and helped research in to various diseases.

There is nothing in what PPA has done and the administrator said that warrants outrage from the republicans and conservatives, nor from anyone for that matter. People should be outraged at the group and their tactics used to get the video.

But they won't be because they want to accept the lies and make false and wrong charges and demands for political posturing. And they won't accept the reality that abortions happen and the removed fetuses have to be handled within medical standards and legal requirements. PPA does that as they have said.

In then end there's nothing in the story or the video worth outrage. That should be with the group who took it.

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