Tuesday, July 7, 2015


After using iTunes under OS-X 10.10.4, it's nice to see the folks at Apple have done a few things right, even with the changes, some new quirks and other stuff. And that's all I want to say here, what they did right this time.

This time Apple finally does three good things. First, they load all the album artwork when you open the application and scrolling through "My Music" will display all of it. Second they now share the same album artwork with My Music and Playlists so loading one loads both.

And third they keep the album artwork in active memory where it's always there. You don't have to rescroll to restore the artwork because they moved all but what's in the immediate window into file cache and has to be reloaded into active memory.

That's the great thing, no more restoring the album artwork, it's always there in both places. Sure, this takes memory, about 1 GigaBytes in my case (1380 complete albums), but it's worth it to have it always therre to scroll without waiting for it to restore.

As for other changes. They moved the download progress from the top bar to an icon in the upper right corner which shows when you download anything. You click the icon and the dropdown window displays the information and controls.

This took me awhile to find and get used to but it's proven more useful than the old progress bar. It's something you have to keep in mind. Downloads still don't always download all the updates and sometimes you have to click the "Update All" button twice.

The minibar is smaller when you start it, which is you can stretch outward, but it will always restore the smaller size if you close it and reuse it. Again, something to get used to since Apple rarely announces these changes, you have to discover them after you update.

Anyway, I'll take it and say, "Thanks Apple. It's better."

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