Sunday, June 28, 2015

Supreme Court Ruling

What the opponents of marriage equality intentionally and knowingly get wrong about marriage is that it has two parts. The first is the law legally recognizing a marriage. That’s what the Supreme Court ruled is now the national standard for any two people meeing all the other current existing criteria legalizing marriage.

This is what the Supreme Court ruled no local or state government can deny, although some will try through religious freedom laws, but those laws will be struck down as unconstitutional or in violation of the Supreme Court ruling. No government employee at any level of government can refuse to issue a lawful marriage license.

The second is the religious recognition of marriage through either a ceremony or recognition by the religion or church. This is optional and what the Supreme Court ruling did not touch and has not changed. This is what the opponents want you to believe is the first part of marriage but this is neither required or legally reconized.

What the opponents of marriage equality are doing isn’t just misleading, it’s lying, something they should read their Bible to realize that’s a sin and something good christians shouldn’t do. But don’t tell them that, they’re too busy preaching lies.

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