Thursday, March 31, 2016


As a progressive independent I like Bernie Sanders. I’m reluctant to vote for him because I don’t see he’ll be an effective and productive president, and his lack of international and diplomatic experience, focusing on national interests which would greatly benefit the vast majority of, concerns me. With the Republicans in control of the House of Representatives and maybe the Senate, if they hold it which is promising but questionable, he wouldn’t get any of his agenda through into law.
What I like about Sanders is that he’s awakened the younger generation and many older people who have felt forgotten and left out of the progress of this country. He’s right about what needs to be done to move us forward. He’s the best advocate for rebuilding the middle class, the nation’s infrastructure, our education system, protecting the environment, and ensure the future of government programs.
It’s sad so many white people don’t see this to realize how much he and the democrats are far better for them than the republican politicians. But we know many of them vote against their own self-interests because they vote for other reasons than to improve their lives. They vote on religious ideas and the perceived view of what we are as a country. They don’t see the reallity of the consequences of their votes.
That said, I can’t say I like Hillary Clinton. Despte her political statements, she’s a conservative democrat, who has taken in a lot of personal and campaign money from the big banks, financial and investment companies and Wall Street and has more hawkish views toward solving many international crises than President Obama, who hasn’t, in my view, done enough. Clinton worries me she’ll mire us more in places we don’t need to have such a large presence.
I think she’ll make the more effective and productive president than Sanders, and while she won’t push far enough against changing things for working people and against corporations, she has the skills to get more done. And as much as I’d like to see a more traditional democrat as the candidate, someone between Sanders and Clinton, that won’t happen, but Clinton will make the better candidate in the general election and president.
Sad as that realization is, it’s a lot better than any of the Republicans. It’s the reality of this election. As much as the supporters for Sanders want, they effort strikes me as more quixotic as happened with George McGovern in 1968. Great ideas but not good politics.

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