Sunday, March 27, 2016

When Everything Fails

I've written my problems with my digestive system and an undiagnosed unidentifed bacteria infection or overgrowth, ad naseum to myself and likely readers here. I've also been reading the last few years about the concern to decrease the use of anti-biotics for conditions which don't warrant them.

And now I've reached the point, the problem isn't going away on its own, and a few times a month flares up to be a problem for a few days before the body comes around to fight it and get it back in check, but it hasn't gone away now for 18 months.

Really, a year and a half. I've had all the test gastroenterologists can conduct to identify the bacteria, but research has shown me that unless it's a physical problem in the digestive system that's obvious from tests, meaning shoving things inside you, or from tests pushing concoctions through the system, they're effectively clueless.

That's because there are so many types of bacteria in your digestive system, many good, some innocuous and some bad, that bacteriologists don't know them, only the ones they know cause problems. All the bacteria samples sent to two labs come back, "aggregate bacteria", like that helps anyone.

And that's where I reached the point there is no treatment outside of a universal anti-biotic they can't, or won't, prescribe because, despite all the symptoms it's an infection causing persistent flu-like symptoms along with physical and digestive problems, they don't have a diagnosis to get anti-biotics approved.

Yeah, they need a diagnosis, for their profession and health insurance coverage. They can't prescribe anti-biotics without good medical evidence or reason. Some gastroenterologists suggested, even recommended, "other" treatments, all of which have failed.

I've been through 4 probiotics, 2 enzymes, and 3 health or naturopathic supplements, all of which were short-lived and then made conditions worse, but none did anything against the bacteria. I've effectively run out of options via health or naturopathic sources that people have suggested or I've read about.

This only leaves the last resort doctors can't use, or continue down the road chasing the illusive treatment and cure for something everyone knows is a problem but can't identify it to do anything. Otherwise, it's the "patient heal thyself", meaning hope the bacteria eventually goes away or something happens which causes it to go away.

That's the story to date, exasperating when it's worse, and hopeful when it's best but knowing that's short-lived. The bacteria is a permanent resident of my system, and from now on it's just how the body deals with it, because doctors won't do anything even when doing nothing is doing harm.

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