Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I Guess

While I like Senator Bernie Sanders, the person who speaks for all of us who aren’t rich, own corporations, aren’t politically connected, whatever, and voices views on what’s best for this country, although some aren’t wholly thought through, I don’t see him as president, and I think his presidency wouldn’t be effective or productive. He is weak in areas where we need someone with the grasp of international issues and both the content and context of the US government (and military) in those issues.
I don’t see him succeeding. Not that he couldn’t try and still achieve significant gains for this country and the world, He’s facing a Congress who wouldn’t give him an inch toward his goals, and he would be faced with compromise and failure in the eyes of those who believe in him. I say this because that’s exactly what President Obama did, promise a lot but overall, while he succeeded in many ways, he lost more than he gained in almost all the fights. Congress intentionally from day one nullified his momentum he never regained.
I think Bernie would have a harder time and achieve even less. That’s not saying Hillary Clinton is better, and in fact I have reservations about her policies and views than any democrat in recent years, but she is by any measure the most qualified and experienced person to be president in this election of either party, and she has the political experience to succeed far more and better than Bernie Sanders.
The failure of elections is that we vote for people we like than who would make an excellent president. The whole republican field is a good example where they’re all selling their personality and character, but where are they talking about the issues and solutions more than just campaign rhetoric and punch lines? They aren’t. But Hillary and Bernie are to some extent, but not enough.
I guess I’m saying I haven’t decided yet which of the two since I kinda’ like Martin O’Malley. Governors are not guarranteed to be good president, George Bush is a great example of that, but O'Malley is a centrist and pragmatist who understands the process and has the wider view in mind. I can hope he’ll be the Vice President on the ticket.

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