Saturday, June 18, 2016


The fundamental flaw in the Republican’s foreign policy and about diplomatic relations is that no one fears the US government or our military anymore, and in fact, most enemies love to challenge us and want to fight us, for they know we’re a formidable enemy, but wins, no matter how small, are worth gold in their recruitment and propaganda program. 
They don’t fear our words, they don’t fear our threats and they don’t fear our leaders, regardless of who’s president and which party is in power. Democrats know this, but Republcans ignore it, for they know talking tough is good campaign rhetoric, despite it being meaningless and worthless in reality. It sells to voters and exaggerates our importance in the minds of voters. It’s an illusion. Democrats know this, and Republicans exploit it, because it wins votes, even after the reality proves the rhetoric wrong.
If you don’t believe this, just look at the word where US forces are fighting terrorists. Do you see any enemies fearing the US military? Do you see any of their leaders cowering in fear against our government’s statements? Do you see them running in the face of our military forces? You won’t because they aren’t. It’s that simple. It’s the new world where they have no fear of us or anyone, and will fight anyone to prove it, especially us.

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