Monday, June 13, 2016

Just a Thought

The media is calling the mass shooting in Orlando as an act of terrorism, despite the FBI clearing the shooter three times of connections to terrorist groups. He was a devout Muslim who was against homosexuality taught by several, and often extreme, sects of Islam, but no different than many Chrisitan faiths which preach hatred and violence toward LGBT people, especially gay men.
He was offended by gay men, and acted on that hate killing innocent men and women, many who were straight. The club wasn’t the main gay club in Orlando and was frequented by many straight people, some of who were killded or injured. It was, in short, a hate crime, not terrorism. He acted no different than other mass shooters who expressed their hate with a gun, whether it was the Aurora theater, Sandy Hook elementary school or wherever.
While you can argue the San Bernadino shooters were terroristsbecause of their history and actions, the Orlando shooter had nothing in common with them except their religion. The Orlando shooter had more in common with the many mass shooters when you take out race out of the argument.
We have become a country where the media demonizes people of middle and central Asia heritage (his family was from Afghanistan) or Muslim, while they give white people and/or christians a free pass on any connection to terrorism. This is xenophobia, disguised as news, when in fact, the media is creating the news than just reporting it.

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