Saturday, March 10, 2007

JMO Posts

This blog was originally intended for photography related posts, but after a while I added the Not Photographically Related (NPR) posts about life, which is a replacement of my real life blog. And now I'm adding a new series that's entitled Just My Opinion (JMO), which is a replacement of my columns.

The goal with adding JMO posts is to talk about topics I see in life, which will be slightly longer posts of my MySpace posts and posts on things not related to either the current events in life or things of importance to me. Hopefully they'll be somewhat coherent thoughts, but occasionally it's just thinking out loud or a something I want to the reader to think about.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy them and you're welcome to comment. The photo? I saw this gentleman as the University District street fair in Seattle. He walked around visiting the various political booths to talk about his views on the state of the world. And he demonstrates the saying, "Stay on your feet, it's the only place to be."

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