Tuesday, March 20, 2007

JMO - Things you gotta love

I wanted to add a post of things you gotta love. Ok, it's tongue in cheek, after all who doesn't love a Harley Davidson police motorcycle, except when it's behind us with flashing lights and an angry rider pointing to move to the curb. This is more in the vein of what happened to people common sense and reality. So here goes.

Why do people when the walk into a big store stop just inside blocking everyone's path and looking dumbly around like they're lost? Haven't they been there before or remember there's people behind them? Try the help display or information people, but for heaven's sake don't stop.

Why do families in store aisles take up the whole width of the aisle with the cart and kids looking around while the kids sit down in the aisle or play with the stuff on the lowest shelves?

Why to tourist go slow in commuter traffic on a bridge? Don't they understand the sign, "Maintain your speed across the bridge"? Why do they get to an intersection and can't decide which lane to use because they can't decide which way to turn?

Why do people think the on-ramp is the freeway and expect they own the lane you're in? Why to they get to the end alongside you and suddenly decide you're the problem?

Why do people wait until the end of the on-ramp before they turn to see if they can merge to find they can't and then stop?

Why do people speed up to merge ahead of you then slow down once they are ahead of you?

Why do people push carts down the middle of the store aisle reaching on both sides so you can't decide which side to go around them?

Why do people wait in a long line at Starbucks until they get to the cashier to decide what drink they want and then can't find their wallet? What? They've stood in line for minutes and they can't read the choices, decide and get their money ready?

Why does the person in the crowd immediately in front of you stop for no reason to look around?

Why do people take magazines to the cafe at chain bookstores without paying when they say not to? Or worse, why do they not buy any drink, read a dozen magazines and leave without putting them back?

Why do people drive highend sedans or sportcars like grandmothers? Why do they sit in the left lane at the speed limit with a long line of cars behind them and none in front?

Why do people drive alongside semi's for miles on a rainy day and not just pass them so others can too to get away from the truck's spray?

Why do drivers drive 65-75 on straight sections of highways and then brake unnecessarily for turn?

Why do drivers pull so close in front of semi's they have to brake? Don't they see the truck? Have they ever seen what happens when a truck punts a little car off the highway?

Why do cigarette smokers flick the butts away around people when there is an place for them within reach?

Why do people bring dogs into stores?

Why do people let the dogs run in full view of leash law signs?

Why do people not pick up after the dog in full view of signs and the sanitary gloves and disposal buckets?

Why do people in NPR pledge drives try to make you feel guilty when you've already contributed already or through other means, like taxes and corporate support?

And so it goes, things you just gotta love. Don't you wish you could send a brain jolt to these people, "What are you thinking?" Anyway, I'll add to the list as people behave as people and you wonder...

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  1. OK, I can't think of one single "ya gotta love 'em" at this moment but I've book marked this and will come back when I do. And I love all of yours, except the "why do people take their dogs into stores?" I say to that "why not?" having a small dog myself. He's even a felon now having taken him into the post office a time or two!!