Wednesday, March 7, 2007

NPR - Choices II

Ok, we all have choices and we've all been in situations where choice wasn't easy or desired. We see this related in the concept of the flowchart which offers help in the choices and decision process. But what's wrong with them?

There are two choices, yes or no. What about c) neither of the above? What's neither of the above? It's simply wait, something the flowcharts don't show, that you can simply choose not to decide right now. Don't pick either and just wait for more information or a change the may or may not occur. Sometimes it's hope for change, anxiety of change, less worrisome than making a choice of yes or no, or just wanting more information. There's something to be said for waiting, it's not procrastinating as many writers try to sell you, such as the one-minute manager.

Procrastinating is going way beyond the time appropriate for a decision because the person just can't determine the best of the choices. We all do this, some far more than others. I procrastinate frequently because I'm a Taoist, and sometimes decisions may think right but don't feel right and some feel right but don't think right. I wait until I can find the best that both thinks and feels right. Taoism teaches this doesn't come from conscious thought or action, but from intuition and innate senses which settles into the whole sense of the right choice.

This is difficult to explain, as with Taoism, if you can explain it, you don't understand it, and if you understand it, you can't explain it. But it's always simple and clear, where the whole body-mind knows and feels the decision is right. It's not for every decision, that obviously would take more time than I have on this earth to define choices for straight-forward decisions, like, "Gee, What do I want for breakfast?" After opening the frig, the choices are there, so follow your taste buds and go.

The point here? I don't know except to wander on the topic of choices we face every day throughout the day. We're conscious human beings getting through life, and we make an almost infinite number of decisions in the day where we focus on a handful to think through or follow our feelings. It's what happens, all those choices we make.

And the photo? Now you ask? Ok, it was taken on a summer day in 2005 (really in July too) in downtown Seattle. I was there for a medical treatment the day before and before going home I walked around from 6:00 am to 9:00 am taking photos. I found the city workers installing the anti-slip pads with the people walking by on their way to work. It's seemed interesting series watching the guy install the pads, the supervisor, and the people.

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