Sunday, March 4, 2007

NPR Posts

NPR is short for Not Photographically Related, meaning when you see this acronym and the photo (above), you can know it's not an entry about photography, but about life. It's a continuation of my Website blogs on life from what I see in the world, often from reading newspapers, listenting to National Public Radio (the real NPR), conversations with people, observation in life, lying in bed wondering, or whatever comes across the senses to relate with my life in the world.

As you can see in the photograph, it's always done with a grin, hopefully to say while life is important, and sometimes I'll be angry, sad, hurt or whatever, I'll always try to find something to smile about. As you can see with the image from the Website blog, sometimes I want to strangle someone, but in the end, being a Taoist, I have to realize it's just what is, like it or not. Reality is. Nothing more, and it's what you have to look at to find acceptance of it.

As for the photo, it's part of a rock in a local open park area about half a city block in size, below.

The words starts at the center with an outwardly spiraling story on the top of the rock. You have to walk around it to read the whole story and I stopped at the phrase, "with a grin" to capture the words as a symbol of life before continuing the walk.

So, you know when you see NPR in the title and the top photo, which may change depending on the topic, you will know it's thoughts on life and not photography or my life in photography. So, while I listen to Pink Floyd, I'll ponder the universe, making sense of what I heard, read or saw, into words on the page. The old mind-body connection, the synapses and nerves attempting coherent communication. And as they say, "God help me."

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