Saturday, August 4, 2007

The 3Ds revisited

I wrote an essay on the 3D's, and while I still agree with it, as I do almost everything I write subject to change, revision and total rejection, I thought of a variation, a corollary so to speak, or write in this case. In this case, it's Desire, Drive and Devotion. These are essential for any work of personal importance, and especially in my photography.

Desire is what we need to see what we want to do. We can visualize what we want to do in our life and endeavors. We all experience it and know and feel it in our heart and mind. It is both mental and emotional, but it is when it becomes spiritual and soulful that it encompasses our whole being. Drive is the motivation we have to keep us going. Just as I wrote then that drive is what keeps you waking up in the morning and doing what's passionate to you. Devotion is what keeps drive going. You have to be devoted to the endeavor - namely the force behind the passion.

All three have to be within you or nothing significant happens in your endeavor.

Anyway, just another set of ideas. And the photo?

Well, for one I thought the life ring alongside the orange cone was interesting. Can't we all use a life ring now and then?

And the thing in back? It's one of three fountains in a park alongside the ferry loading dock (where cars wait). You can walk to it from the car-loading area. About every few minutes the fountains go off in a sequence, shown below. I'm not sure where the water orignates. It only lasts a few second, so you have to stand there and wait for the moment when it starts, and then fire away with the camera.

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