Saturday, August 11, 2007

JMO - Impeachment

I watched Bill Moyer's show on PBS The Moyer's Journal this week which was about the impeachment of both President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Even if you're against impeachment because of the process or your a fan of the President, this show is worth listening to because it has a diverse set of experts, even one very conservative constitutional expert who argues for it. They argue for it for several reasons.

First, while the republicans went through the impeachment proceeding over Bill Clinton's perjury over his sex scandal, the frequent and consistent lying and perjury of this administration, including from the President and his entire staff, is far and away worse comparable to Clinton's, so it's an invalid argument to say they're different and this one isn't right or true.

Second, while Clinton's impeachment was over a personal sex scandal, they argue this admnistration has commited far more grievious acts breaking laws and the Constitution. There is an order of magnitude difference in the violations of law(s) and the Constitution between them.

Third, as one on the show said, "It's not impeachment that is the test of our Constitution - meaning arguing against it - it's the cure in our Constitution." Specifically because it's in the Constitution - written five times - as the cure for a President who think he and his office is above the law and Constitution. This has been tested several times.

Fourth, the situation is similar to the Nixon years, but George Bush is behaving worse than Richard Nixon. The unfortunate side is that Cheney was a part of Nixon's staff and decided to react from that with his arogant behavior toward Congress, the courts and the American people.

Fifth, no matter the time remaining in Bush's term, the process must be done because the next president won't recind the newly gained presidential powers, and we'll have the same situation for the future, the loss civil rights. They argue we need to restore balance between the three branches of government and the American citizens.

And sixth, it's the Democrats who are worse for not starting the impeachment proceedings this year, because they're after their own politics than the Constitution. They need to stand up and do the right thing for the Constitution and the American people. We need to go forward with a new balance of power and civil rights.

And I agree wholeheartedly and if the Democrats don't they won't get my vote for being splineless cowards in the name of our nation and Constitution. We demand they do their job as we elected them.

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