Thursday, August 9, 2007

NPR - Getting and Being Lost

That's the topic, getting and being lost, in time and space. Huh? It's like the cartoon above, some days and even some weeks are just that, good. Nothing you can explain or describe except you felt good about the world, life and yourself. It's not like standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon for a short time, which everyone should do it in their lifetime, both rims, it's worth the drive to see and feel the grandness of time, but it's like being there continuously for a long time.

It's why there are times being retired from one career and working on another, it's about getting and being lost in time and space. To be, as they say, in the moment, for sometime, not a game but longer. It doesn't mean you constantly feel great, but just the low hum of being and feeling good, and letting the mind wander around the sights and sounds of the world and your life. It's like Snoppy says above.

Why now? I don't know. Nothing I did except go through life. I didn't set out to enjoy this week, but it just turned out that way. And perhaps it's the endorphins from running, which I'm slowly geting back into some consistent schedule and workout. It's the best drug I've found for Dysthymia. I always run outdoors, rain or shine, warm or cold, whatever is out that at the time I go out the door. And often the worst weather or worst feeling produces the best run.

After that it was just the normal stuff of life and work. But the best part, I guess, is being my own boss now and can do things when most people are busy with life for someone else, or themselves if they're self-employed. Since I already have a good income (annuity), I can slow up, browse, wander, talk, read, and so on as I go through life. Time doesn't go slower, just my appreciation of it.

And that's about it, so far this week.

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