Thursday, November 1, 2007

NPR - Random thoughts

While writing something else I had a thought. Ok, that's not so rare with me, I like writing one sentence thoughts down - otherwise they'd be lost in synapse history. The forever, "Damn, what was that thought." Anyway here are a few of late.

The truth of someone's values, when it comes down to the real decisions, isn't what or who they include but what or who they exclude.

The voice of reason drowns in a shouting crowd.

Images of war don't change, only the background changes.

Sanity is overrated, insanity is more interesting, and often more sane than reality.

It's not the why of our life, it's the how that is important.

Is believing giving up our free will to think?

I'm in a constant conflict between what was and what is.

I didn't control my birth and I can't control my death. Sometimes I wonder if I can even control my life.

Small steps are harder than big leaps. The margin for error is greater.

Food isn't my problem, eating is.

My van isn't slow. It sits in traffic as fast as any car.

We are who we are, something we rarely see.

Everything has options, but we rarely see the choices.

Never eat a whole bag of greasy potato chips. Your taste buds may love you but your digestive system won't.

Sitting in the darkness at 4:00 am. What a world we live in. It is what it is.

I don't have an answer. All I have is a reason go to bed.

I want an answer, even if it's not the answer I want.

Intention is what keeps motivation going, and passion is the fuel.

We can't do or live because of fear of the alternative, to simply keep going for that reason alone without thinking or exploring the alternatives.

That's a little better than knowing nothing at all.

Not a thought but book display signs in a bookstore, "Nautical Automotive" and "Aviation Trains." - Ok, what kind of books are these?

Some randoms quotes I heard recently.

"I kept looking in the mirror, and the buggers were still there." - Sir Stirling Moss, winning the 1961 Monaco GP against the faster Ferraris.

"People (cars) didn't drive to make good time, they drove to have a good time." - from the movie "Cars"

"You can't redesign the airplane while you're flying it." - Anti-terrorist expert on fighting them

"We all do what we can, when we can, how we can. The rest just is."

"I wanted to rescue little songs from riding up and down in elevators." - Linda Ronstadt on her new CD

More of my quotes and thoughts. Ok, I'm also reading a really cool book by James Geary, "Geary's Guide to the World's Great Aphorists."

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