Sunday, November 11, 2007

JMO - Boycott Eagles new CD

That's a big statement coming from a longtime fan of the Eagles. I have their albums, you know those big round vinyl, groovy things, and their CD's. But the decision to only market their CD in the United States through Walmart stores is a really dumb and stupid decision for a band who have prided themselves as environmentally friendly (like a rock band can?), and who should pride themselves in supporting fair wages and American enterprise.

With this decision they're robbing all the small and larger music distribution, marketing and sales companies and businesses, especially the small ones I shop at in Seattle, Silver Platters, who busts their butts to stay ahead of the market and support a vibrant music community and the consumer. They've been robbed by a corporate giant at the hands of a popular rock band. That's unconscionable.

I'm sorry about this decision, but the Eagles owe their longtime fans more and better choices, and allow us to follow our ethics if we decide we don't like Walmart. When a corporate monopy like Walmart becomes the sole source in the US for someone's music, they're extending their power and control over the consumer. The Eagles should know better. What you don't listen to Lou Dobbs on CNN and other folks articulating a voice of criticism against Walmart? You haven't seen the documentaries? You haven't read the books or articles?

What the fuck were they thinking? I'm personally disgusted a rock band of my generation would contribute to the monoply of a corporate giant, and especially Walmart. And so I, as a consumer, also make a decision. If it's about the money, yours, well I have an answer about mine.

You don't get my money!

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