Saturday, November 3, 2007

JMO - Why it is time to end this war

I have heard and know all the arguments about the war in Iraq, about it being a global war on terrorism, a war against Al Qeada, a war to prevent a civil war, a war against insurgents, a war for the people of Iraq to build a democracy and a nation, a war for America's future, a war against Jihadists, a war to protect America, and on and on.

And I have heard and know all the arguments about the line, "It's about supporting the troops." And we all heard then Secretary of Defense Rumfeldt's response to a soldier's question about body armor and Humvee safety, "You go to war with the Army you have, and not the Army you want." Well, he was wrong, for over 3,000 dead and 10,000's permanent injured reasons wrong. The Secretary's job is to have the Army the nation wants and needs. You don't go to war with less.

In the end, all the arugments don't hold a candle when you hear the story on NPR's Saturday Morning Edition about the very soldiers. It's time to bring the troops home to keep the Army of this nation in tack and really ready to protect Amerians abroad, protect America's global interest (notice "protect" than promote), fight terrorists who attack Americans, American soldiers, and American facilities.

And nothing more. No preemptive strikes or war against imagnary threats from soverign nations. No covert actions against soverign nations to put a non-democratic dictator in power over the power of the people of that nation and their elected government and leader. No overt threats against soverign nations to imidate them into submission to follow our global view and policies. No political rhetoric about the power of America simply to win an election.

It's about supporting the troops, and it's about ensuring they have a life too. We don't need to be in Iraq for their safety and security. Their nation is over 3,000 years old and they know what they have to do and will do it without us. While they may need our money to rebuild their infrastructure we so ablely destroyed, they don't need us to make the decision and control the progress of their new government. They need what we have, freedom to be and be on their own.

It's about supporting the troops. And that means ending the war and bringing the troops home to their families. It's about restoring the military as we need in the new global situation, and not wearing it out in endless, unwinnable wars in lands we didn't understand when we invading and occupied. It's about being a partner with the United Nations to preserve human rights and civil liberties around the world. It's about being a real partner in nuclear disarmament and the establishment of international standards for nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

It's about support the troops. Nothing less and a lot more for them, like complete and fully funded medical help for active duty and veterans, legal rights to reclaim former jobs or help finding new jobs, family support to renew marriages, and about renewing the importance of being an American soldier. And it's about fullfilling the promises of the American people to say thanks to the soldiers and the loved ones of those who didn't come home alive.

In the end, it's always about the troops, so let's not forget that.

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