Thursday, November 15, 2007

NPR - Life happens

I wrote about my walking and the not so original observation while on my latest walk. Well, maybe another not so original one. Life happens.

We all know the saying, life happens while we're busy going through or getting on with our life, and experience is the result of that. We all know we have a past and a future. And some say we have a present. Well, in some respects maybe we do, but in some respects we don't. Can you define the present?

It isn't always some time frame each of us use to define our present, from minutes to days or even weeks? To a physicist maybe the present is a very small slice of time that exist only for the one small slice of time, and proceeds to the next small slice of time. Meaning the present really doesn't exist, it's simply the small space in time between the past and the future.

And that's the present in reality? Not really, but yes really. When I walk, there is no present, and only the briefest moment I'm observant of the world around me. But behind, the steps I've taken, is the past, and ahead, the road I see, is the future. I'm always walking between the two and the present is simply the moving moment on the walk.

Time doesn't seem to exist for me on walks. I only know walking and observing. It's always the way I've felt hiking. I could then, and getting back in to shape to be there again, walk forever when I was hiking. I would get in a flow and just walk. I often hated finishing the hike, and especially hated driving home. That feeling hasn't returned yet, but it's getting closer and hopefully through the winter I'll get my hiking legs back with the same spirit of time and the moment.

Until then I'm enjoying just walking and observing and feeling time be something else. To exist in one moment to another, past to future.

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