Friday, June 27, 2008

JMO - Judicial Activism

The very words ("Judicial activism") the conservative and religious right like to say when the state and federal courts and especially the Supreme Court issues a decision don't like or disagree with, such as abortion rights. Well, the same works both ways, whether they like it or not, we can do the same, say when it's not right.

The Supreme Court in their 5-4 decision striking down Washington D.C.'s 30 year old gun ban overstepped their rights to assume the Constitution allows each and every citizen the right to own guns. Yes, I know, the decision was only about one law, and all the rest will have to be sorted out through the courts, but they opened the door for anyone to challenge any laws governing, and especially restricting or limiting gun ownership.

We're headed into a old, er. wild, west mentality, and it's dumb and stupid. And those five Justices are both when it comes to respecting and protecting the rights of citizens not to be killed by someone who wants to own and use a handgun because he can and will when it suits him. Sure, he'll commit a crime doing so, but then it won't matter to the victim, will it? They'll either be dead or in serious condition, their life changed forever by the hand of a gun owner.

Is this what those five Justices wanted and wanted to say to Americans? We don't care about your freedom to be safe?

We all know the problems illegal handguns and weapons have brought on America and Americans. And now we have the legal handguns and weapons too to contend with in our lives, just wondering if someone who thinks it's cool to own and use a handgun might decide to use it for no reason other than his imagination of a threat?

The D.C. law had a good effect in reducing handguns and the associated crimes and violence from handguns. And now one stupid asshole decided he wanted one in his home because he felt threatened? How about supporting better police and law enforcement? No, you just want to shoot anyone on your property?

How is this decison going to reduce crime? How will it make the rest of citizens who don't own or want to own a gun feel? Safe and secure in our community? About our neighbors? About people we visit? Do you think criminals are going to think twice about entering a home because the people may have a gun and use it? It hasn't stopped them yet, so how and why will more guns help?

This was the worst case of judicial activism I've seen in many years. And the dumbest by supposedly smart and wise men. I guess I thought wrong. They're neither, just arrogant.

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